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The data you need, when and where you need it.

Who we are.

Trelia Data S.L is an international Australian-Spanish joint venture, focused on the development of environmental data management systems.

Innovation and experience are combined to create new solutions using cutting-edge programming and data analytics techniques.

Our staff includes a multidisciplinary team with some of the most experienced developers in environmental data management systems.

  • Software development..
  • Data analytics.
  • Dataloggers.


Our developments allow a total customization of the systems to the client's requirements

Legal compliance

All calculations are carried out following the strict criteria of the applicable regulations for each particular case.

Advanced data management made easy

Flexibility and customization in the way you analyze and visualize your data

Easy network management

Easily track the status of any instrument on your network from your phone or computer. Know immediately if any of your instruments has a failure or is out of specifications.


Our services

Maintenance of environmental monitoring applications

We carry out the maintenance of our own and third-party applications. If new functionalities are required, we develop them and integrate them into your system.

Environmental studies

With our statistical analysis tools we carry out contaminant evaluation studies.

Automated reports

We give value to your data through automatic and personalized reports with the information you need at the time you need it.

Environmental communication

We create training activities on pollution, its effects and how to reduce them

Compliance assessment technical assistance

We help administrations in the evaluation of compliance by companies

Data verification

With our statistical tools we can analyze huge amounts of data to filter erroneous or potentially erroneous data that are later analysed by our experts.


Explore our products

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  • Equipment
  • Desktop
  • Web

Converge LM

Water level monitoring

Trelia Converge

Desktop application for monitoring networks management

Converge Hub

Communication hub

Converge reporter

Specialized statistical reports

Converge Dashboards

Custom Dashboards


Custom reports

Converge Log

Industrial data acquisition system

Converge CEMS

Emissions monitoring

We keep growing

Since the start-up of our company, we have been expanding our client portfolio with new products and services, always with the aim of giving the client the information they need on the place and at the time they need it.

Monitoring stations There are already more than 200 monitoring stations using our systems.

ProjectsIn wo years we have already reached 40 projects both for the supply of applications and associated services

Years of experience Our staff has more than 27 years of experience in the field of software development for environmental applications.

Countries Our systems have already been deployed in 8 countries and all 5 inhabited continents


Our Team

Paul Thomson


Angel Ayesta

R+D director

Modesto García


Luis García

Principal Consultant Air Quality

Gary Brown



Contact information

Spain Location:

Centro de Empresas La Curtidora, 33402 Gutierrez Herrero 52, Aviles, Asturias , Spain

Australia Location:

31/398 The Boulevarde 398 The Boulevarde, Kirrawee NSW 2232, Australia


+34 635 26 99 81

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