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trelia converge software

Innovation and expertise mix together to create our environmental management system, Trelia Converge; a completely new concept, engineered and purpose-built from the ground up and using cutting edge programming techniques and the latest available technologies. 

We offer a scalable solution to meet customer requirements of all sizes, from simple monitoring networks to state-wide complex monitoring systems.

an innovative, purpose-built environmental data management systems that meets your current and future needs

flexibility and scalability to meet your needs

Retrieve real-time or historical data from any sensor, any brand, anywhere. Whether you have a single sensor, a sophisticated network with 50+ ambient stations, or IoT sensors; equipment and data management has never been easier.

easily manage your entire network

Easily track the status of any instrument in your network from your phone or computer and know immediately if any of your monitors develop a fault or go out of specification.

advanced data management made simple

Flexibility and customisation in how you analyse and visualise your data, including maps, wind and pollution roses, graphs, and tables. Manually input, quick flag data, statistical analysis and calculations

Converge - Cloud Based System

data management capabilties for environmental monitoring

Data management capabilities are central to our system. We can manage all kinds of data relevant to the environment, including:

  • Environmental data (concentrations) of pollutants
  • Monitoring devices diagnostics for predictive maintenance and quality control
  • Traffic data
  • Public Health indicators
  • Pollutant sources monitoring
  • Other

With Trelia Converge, internal and external stakeholders can access the relevant information in a seamless and safe way

basic converge software and reporting features

  • Server or cloud-based data and reporting options
  • Automated reports at your desired frequency (daily, weekly monthly)
  • A powerful yet easy to use interface
  • Utilisation of proven software platforms for user familiarity
  • Flexibility and customisation in how you analyse and visualise your data, including maps, wind and pollution roses, graphs, and tables
  • Advanced email and SMS alerts for exceedances or event alarms
Converge - On Premises System
Customisable Dashboard

advanced converge software reporting features

  • Ability to manually input data from laboratory results (ie. filter weighing)
  • Import and export data via excel
  • Quickly flag with notation any period or set of data
  • ie. Exclude calibration period, add a factor to specific data set or deduct invalid results as well as many other selectable indicators
  • Statistical analysis and calculations
  • The unique ability to interact natively with “R” with just a few clicks on the mouse

single sensors


sophisticated networks

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