trelia data

From a team of expert developers focussed on creating innovative, purpose-built environmental data management systems

who we are

Trelia Data is an Australian Owned, international company focused on the development of state-of-the-art pollution data management systems.

Innovation and expertise mix together to create Trelia Converge, a completely new concept, engineered and purpose-built from the ground up and using cutting edge programming techniques and the latest available technologies.

Our staff includes a multidisciplinary team of some of the most experienced international developers of environmental data management systems.

the founding team

Paul Thomson and the founding team of Trelia Data have decades of combined experience in the industry. Paul is based in Sydney, Australia and is the Founder and Managing Director of Thomson Environmental Systems who have been manufacturing and supporting environmental monitoring equipment for 24 years.

After working closely for many years, the founding team members decided to create Trelia Data to fill a need in the Environmental Monitoring Industry for cutting edge technology that provides new capabilities now, as well as the ability to scale as required. 

the problems we set out to solve

public concern

Public concern about the environment has soared to record levels around the world in recent years, and is expected to increase further in the coming years.

lack of tools for public authorities

Public authorities need tools to help identify where the problems are, the effects of pollutants on public health & our environment to develop actions plans to minimise or reduce these effects.

outdated platforms

Traditional environmental data management packages are based in outdated or obsolete platforms not taking full advantage of the latest technologies like IOT, Business Intelligence, AI and cloud systems

rigid data systems

These systems normally are data systems specialised in capturing data for one sector (air, water, soils), but are unable to manage other type of data that can help find solutions for environmental problems.

our solution

was to develop scalable data management solutions to meet customer requirements of all sizes, from simple monitoring networks to state-wide complex monitoring systems.

converge services

Data management services for environmental monitoring, providing stress-free data visualization and reporting.

converge software

A data acquisition, vizualisation and reporting platform for environmental monitoring that is powerful, flexible and easy to use. data logger

A data logger for environmental monitoring that collects and stores data for direct access or transmission to server or cloud.

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3. improve your data and your monitoring

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